• Date:01 - Jan - 2015
  • Location:SACRED VALLEY, PERU, JAN. - MAR. 2015

Rahasya`s upcoming fourth studio album will be recorded in the mystical sacred valley of Peru.  The album will be a benefit with the intention of raising funds and awareness toward preservation of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest.  The tropical rainforests of the planet are diminishing at an alarming rate, (Originally, 6 million square miles of tropical rainforest existed worldwide. But as a result of deforestation, only 2.4 million square miles remain.) Tropical Jungles, especially Amazonia, are the source of most of the medicines that have been produced / discovered over the last century.  Over 2000 plants in the Amazon jungles have been identified by scientists as having anti-cancer properties.  Massive amounts of acreage each year is bought up by leading consumerist countries such as China and the USA, and virgin jungles are clear cut to plant genetically modified soy and other products.   Most of the crops grown are used to feed beef livestock to supply the global market with factory farmed meat that has been proven to be unsustainable, disease causing, and damaging to human health and the ecosystems of the planet.  Medicinal plants and trees (many over 1000 years old) are lost forever in a matter of hours.  There has been very limited research on the potential of disease curing plants of these forests (perhaps only 1% of the potential medicines identified) and with each acre that is cut, more species are being lost forever to extinction, or are becoming quickly endangered.  Legal and illegal strip mining operations are turning once lush forests into desert landscapes completely devoid of life and leaving waters and earth poisoned by excessive amounts of mercury and other heavy metals.  Many of these companies are based in the USA and Canada.  There is so much more information about this situation, be on the lookout for more links and emails about what you can do to help.  Right now, know that if you eat factory farmed meat or buy new products made from gold, there is a HUGE chance that you are directly contributing to the situation.

Also be on the lookout for our kickstarter campaign for the album which will raise money for an Amazon Rainforest preservation project based in the Tambopata national reservation (Madre de Dios, Peru).  326 acres of primary forest have already been purchased, and initiatives are underway to re-introduce and preserve indigenous medicinal plant and tree species, along with sustainable infrastructure for educational and spiritual retreats designed to raise awareness of the jungles and to re-tune consciousness to the rhythms of the earth. Educational initiatives are underway to spread the truth that preservation of forests and harvesting of medicinal plants is viable business both economically and ecologically.  The land contains ancient medicinal trees, plants, fresh waters, and countless animal and insect species.  Your contribution will directly help to further these projects, and also eventually acquire additional jungle lands dedicated to this purpose.  The “Baguaja Amazonian Conservation Area” is a new project of the Wiñaypaq Educational Association, promoted by Alonso del Rio. 326 acres of amazonian rain forest, located in the Tambopata national reservation (Madre de Dios, Peru), dedicated to the conservation and planting of medicinal plants.  The land was recently acquired in April 2014, and the website for the project is underway.  In the meantime, visit the Wiñaypaq site to see what wonderful things its founders are doing for indigenous communities of the Andes…